Sa-Rumb-A-rabic Instructional DVD by Chellcy! Samba, Rumberas, Egyptian fusion! After years of extensive research and training Chellcy brings to you her Sa-Rumb-A-rabic™ fusion dance, inspired by the Brazilian, Cuban and Egyptian divas of the 30’s and 40’s. DVD Includes: *Introduction and history of this dance * Challenging dance techniques * Maracas instruction *4Combinations (2 with Maracas, 2 drum solo) * Workout drilling the combinations with Fringe Benefits International Dance Co. * Performance of Chellcy’s full choreography by Fringe Benefits International Dance Co.


Cairo Raks Chicago Performance DVD - Starring Aida Nour and Karim Nagi of Egypt! Plus an All Star Cast! Watch the trailer on youtube: Cairo Raks Chicago Trailer

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Description: Produced by Chellcy - Cairo Raks Chicago: Released April of 2009! Middle Eastern Dance & Drumming Show Starring The Legendary Aida Nour of Egypt and Karim Nagi of Egypt/Massachusetts! Direct from Cairo, Egypt – Aida Nour’s Chicago Debut!

Show includes many different Middle Eastern Folk dances, Egyptian Cabaret, Latin/Egyptianfusion, American Cabaret, Tribal fusion, & Egyptian drumming.

Truly an international show featuring many professional dance stars -

Starring Aida Nour from Egypt, Karim Nagi from Egypt/MA, Amira of Nevada/Estonia, Erika Ochoa of Illinois, Blue Lotus Tribe of Illinois, Chellcy of Illinois, Dahlia Moon of Washington, Fringe Benefits International Dance Co. of Illinois, Kimahri of Illinois, Sonya of Illinois, and Vashti of California!

See Chellcy and many others in this beautiful book of belly dance photographs with a forward by Christiane Northrup, M.D. and excerpts by Clarissa Pinkola Estes author of Women Who Run With Wolves and many more!

Burns, Martha Elena, Belly Dance, Celebrating the Sacred Feminine. Alta Vista Books ISBN 978-0-9801771-7-6. Order from www.BellyDanceBook.net


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